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    EdenGate showed us some amazingly beautiful places in Ireland, including several that were off the beaten path and more private. So friendly, funny, and qualified! I love the heart of this business and participating in their mission was a joy!

    Testimonials John H
  • Testimonials

    Anyone can plan a trip. Anyone can provide transport, accommodations, and food. But it takes someone special to provide all the necessities and offer the heart of the dear Irish people. EdenGate did that for us, making this trip unforgettable and forever knitting our hearts to the hearts of those we met in Ireland.

    Testimonials Kim
  • Testimonials

    EdenGate led our missions team with a great mix of missions opportunities, seeing the beauty of Ireland, and immersing ourselves in their history and culture. Samuel has an amazing way of connecting people and bringing joy and laughter to every situation. I would hands down go on another trip through EdenGate.

    Testimonials Sarah
  • Testimonials

    EdenGate hosted our choir group of more than 50 people for 2 weeks in a splendid manner! Samuel & Zak were the best hosts we could have asked for, leading us with lots of humor and patience. I can't imagine a richer tour experience.

    Testimonials Mary
  • Testimonials

    I really cannot say enough good things about our experience with Samuel and EdenGate Travel. My husband and I loved every minute of our anniversary trip. If you are the least bit interested in Ireland and/or missions and church planting, you need to book a trip!

    Testimonials Emily

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